Platinum Level Sponsorship Package available - $3,000

Sponsorship contribution offsets cost of stage rental & video production vendor


Sponsor Benefits:

Naming rights - "The (SPONSOR NAME) NKG Memorial Day concert at Starlite"

Sponsor logo embedded on all printed, online, digital event imagery including main Facebook event picture

Sponsor logo splashed on big screen for 1 hour leading up to the show, then overlaid in the corner during the show, then big digital thank you at the end.

Band will mention sponsor name at least 5 times during the performance.

Sponsor link and name embedded in all online and social media mentions - facebook and instagram posts, boosted advertising we will do that will reach 50,000 people.

Sponsor mentioned and quoted in all press releases (All local TV stations, radio stations, Business courier, Enquirer, River City News, Cincinnati Magazine, ect)

Sponsor can hand out swag to all cars as they enter the ticket booth

Sponsor can put up yard signs at entrance of Starlite 

NKG will make three separate posts on social media after the event mentioning and thanking the Sponsor

10 tickets to the event